The Real Gamechanger for Women’s Empowerment Initiatives – Family Planning

The makeup of the workforce has changed worldwide. Increasingly, women have become a driving force in our global economy particularly in developing economies. Many institutions, including multinational companies – from Nike to Walmart to KPMG – have recognized the need to proactively expand economic opportunities for women by fostering entrepreneurship, strengthening financial literacy, and promoting women into management positions.  Yet, for all the emphasis on empowering women in business, there is a danger of undermining these vital efforts by ignoring a key enabling factor for women to take advantage of these opportunities – access to safe, voluntary family planning and reproductive health education and services. Such services remain largely ignored when business designs women’s empowerment programs and initiatives. 

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Migrant Workers’ Right to Health: A Global Advocacy Agenda

Recent headlines describing the plight of thousands of migrants drowning at sea as they tried to make their way from Africa to Europe, are but the most recent reminders of the treacherous journey many encounter in their search for work. Yet, these and other dangers are only part of the story.

The health of migrant workers who eventually manage to find employment abroad is under-prioritized and under-protected in many countries around the world. It is natural to focus on acute violations like drownings, fires, and building collapses. But the health rights of workers extend well beyond assuring their safety. The daily, systemic violations - which are not acute and not even recognized as rights violations - need equal attention.

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